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Log-Analyzer. Program Operation

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Program operation consists of the stages as follows:

  1. Log-file loading
  2. Statistic reports getting
  3. Statistic reports saving
  4. Details getting

NOTE. Previously the log-file is to be loaded to your personal computer from your Web server and unpacked, in case it is packed.

1. Log-File Loading

The <File> menu item, then <Open> are to be selected to load the log-file. The log-file to be loaded is to be selected in the window that appears. The loading process will start.

The loading process is displayed in the status panel as a line:

"Loading a file:  - % done".

In case of successful loading the program will send a message:

"Log-file loaded successfully. Number of errors - ".

If number of errors is more than 0 that means there are records, which the program could not process correctly, in the log-file. The program saves such records in the ".err" file. When such a situation appears, please, send the ".err" file at address info@ru-software.com. Detected errors will be corrected in the next program versions.

In case the program could not load anyone record from a log-file it will send a message:

"Log-file not loaded".

2. Statistic Reports Getting

To get the visiting statistics of your Web site do the following:

  1. Enter the initial data:
    • Type of analysis on the "Statistic type" panel
    • Filtering conditions (if necessary) on the "Request type" panel
    • Site directory (if necessary) on the "Site directory" panel
  2. Press the <Analyze> button

The table of analysis results and a graphical diagram will be displayed on the Analysis results panel. The type of analysis, e.g. "Activity Statistics / Daily" will be displayed in the panel name.

Interface of the Analysis results panel depends on a type of statistic analysis. For the types "Activity Statistics / Daily" and "Activity Statistics / By Hour of Day" the table has the following view:

Day (hour)QueriesHitsHostsSessions
Total ():

Graphic results are shown as a XY graph.

For all other types of statistic analysis the table of results has the following view:

 Total ():100.0%

Graphic results are shown as a diagram.

3. Statistic Reports Saving

The <File> menu item, then <Save> are to be selected to save a statistic report. Enter the file name of the report to be saved in the window that appears. The report will be saved in the ".csv" format.

NOTE. Each report needs to be saved separately.

4. Details Getting

The program allows getting the details on requests of your Web site visitors.

Information on requests is displayed in a format corresponding to NCSA combined log format.

To obtain the details select the appropriate line in the analysis results table and press the <Show Details> button.

In the "Apache Raw Log" table the following data is to be displayed:

Column NameDescription
NA number of a record in the table
IPIP Address, which a request has been come from
Date Date and time of a request
RequestName of requested file
ErrCodeError code, which Web server has returned
Size Data size transmitted by Web server in response to a request
ReferenceURL, which a visitor has come from
BrowserBrowser used by a visitor

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